Forward Progress


What is Forward Progress?

Following after Christ requires that we refuse to stay the same.  Through the Holy Spirit, God is sanctifying us to become more like Christ.  We believe that once a person receives Christ they must constantly move forward in their walk with Him.   We believe there are 3 steps to every Christian's walk:

  1. Get Excited - Following after Christ should be an amazing adventure. While some moments in our life will require effort and persistence; we should never be bored or robotic in our walk.  Therefore we encourage all people to join our corporate worship service to energize their walk and get excited about being a follow of Christ.

  2. Get Connected - No one was created to do life alone.  Many people have a hard time feeling like they are a part of a local body because they just don't get connected with other believers.  Through our E-groups people can connect with other believers in fellowship to build relationships that can help sustain us in our journey.

  3. Get Involved - Once a person is saved and energized, it is time to get involved with serving. Whether this is through volunteering or evangelism, each person was uniquely gifted to serve the body of Christ.  Through God's purpose, no two people are alike . It is God's calling for each and every person to contribute to the church and to His kingdom. Take a moment to fill out our GET INVOLVED SURVEY HERE.

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