Financial Learning Experience

Course Overview

Do you have plans, hopes and dreams but your money is standing in the way of achieving them? Are you ready to break free and finally win with your money? In this class, Joseph Sangl shares his family’s journey from being broke, with an average bank account balance of $4.13, to living a fully funded life! As Joe shares his story, he teaches practical tools that he used to take control of his finances and win with money.
Joe teaches us how to develop a plan for our lives, prepare a budget that actually works, calculate a debt freedom date, calculate the amount of money needed for retirement, capture the power of compound interest, investing, and insurance! Joe explains all of this using the IWBNIN Ladder, which breaks down the exact steps needed and in what order the steps should be taken.
This class will inspire and motivate you to take control of your own finances.


March 23rd is the final date to sign up for this class. We will order books on March 24th. The class will be on Sunday evenings starting April 3rd and last for 6 weeks (we will not have class Mother's Day).  Fill out the form below to sign up or sign up at our Welcome Center.